Archival Paper



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Archival Paper
I use high quality paper in all of my journals.  Currently Zetta Florence's beautiful archival paper. It is watermarked with the National Archives of Australia symbol.  Archival for 500 years.

A lovely off-white colour, the paper has a silky feel, is a joy to write on and takes fountain pen and inks beautifully. 

It has the following benefits:

  • National Archives of Australia approved
  • Features the watermark of the National Archives of Australia Symbol
  • is lignin-free and made of fully bleached chemical wood pulp
  • contains no optical brighteners and is a natural undyed colour
  • is free from alum/rosin sizing
  • contains a minimum 2% alkaline reserve
  • has a pH of between 8.0 and 10.0
  • passes the Photographic Activity Test
  • meets the average tear strength index of no less than 6.0 mN m2/g

Which Paper Weight Should I Choose?
I use both weights of 80gsm and 120gsm in the journals and albums. 

The choice for a journal for writing.  Thick enough to allow writing on both sides of the pages while maintaining the feel of a fine journal.
Will also hold photographs and keepsakes of lighter weights.

Results in an organic form to journals - the pages are supple and will bend to the shape of the journal.  Ideal for people like me who like their leather writing journals to mould into a soft shape.

The choice for a journal for sketching, photographs and keepsakes.  Writing is still a joy and the heavier weight allows additions to be added to the page.  I have even used it for light watercolours.  It will buckle slightly under heavier washes but works well for light washes.  Ideal for pencil, pen & ink, crayon and even light pastel.

Works really well in Photo albums and Guest Books.
Adds a stiffer more rigid form to journals.

*Please email or phone if you need help choosing - happy to advise if I can.