Designer Collection - Liberty of London -Leather Journal A5


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Leather Journal A5 Liberty of London Fabric

The Designer Collection embraces beautiful fabrics and silky threads with gorgeous leather to create pieces to be enjoyed and treasured.

Hand stitched leather journals have a magical quality!  Used for hundreds of years, you can feel this tradition when you hold one.


Liberty of London has been delighting the world with stunning fabrics for over 140 years. Known for their exquisite designs from very talented artists. And who knew they worked so beautifully with leather and paper! An ideal choice for creating my new range.

Hidden treasures await to be explored within the covers of beautiful brown leathers. The fabrics will be available for a limited time only and will continually change. Just add your preferred fabric to the shopping cart when you order your journal. 

Please note that not all fabric and leather combinations have been photographed but I will add them as they become available. Larger images of fabric designs are shown in the product photos. Choose from the following current designs:

Elderberry Peach

'Elderberry print is an intricate symphony of tiny wildflowers, reflecting the complex microcosm of a summer’s meadow.' I chose it for it's beautiful colours that work well with the brown leathers.

Peach Porter

'With their round and succulent forms, peaches and pears have a sensuous appeal that delighted Art Nouveau designers. Peach Porter print is simple and classic, adorned with symmetrical globes of elegant fruit.' And to me it is very reminiscent of the wonderful work of William Morris. And there's a frog hidden in the design... can you see it!

Rose Xantha

From their Alice in Wonderland collection: 'Rose Xanthe Liberty fabric is inspired by painting the roses red in the Queen of Heart's garden. The rose is based on Rosa Xanthia who was living in the garden when her friends were changed by hand from white to red.'

"Would you tell me please, " said Alice, a little timidly, "why you are painting those roses? " – Lewis Carroll

And I loved the beautiful pink colour combination.  This works particularly well with my purple leather - wonderful combination. 


Choose a colour from the beautiful range of quality genuine cowhide leathers. These leathers are chosen for their soft and supple feel as well as their deep rich colours and patterns.

Prefer the journal in Antique Oak coloured leather - click here.


Handcrafted in the style of an earlier era, each journal is a work of art and signed by the Binder.  Read about the Leather Journal story here...>

The Treasured Qualities of a Handcrafted Journal:

  • Strength - the hand stitched pages result in a stronger journal than glued books
  • Flexibility - the soft leather covers tuck easily into bags, pockets and backpacks - unlike hard covered books
  • Easy to write in - pages lay flat - NO spiral bindings
  • Protection - the wrap around cover protects the fore edge of the pages, the wrapping strap helps to hold the cover securely closed
  • Sensual - the feel of a handcrafted leather journal delights the senses.  Soft and flexible to the touch and visually beautiful
  • A Sense of Ritual - the wrapping and unwrapping of the journal is a moment of ritual that many leather journal owners savour
  • It's Your Story - Writing becomes an experience again!  Holding a writing instrument in your hand and making your mark is very personal.

This Handcrafted Journal features:

A5 is a very popular size.  Favoured for it's ease of portability while still allowing plenty of room for lots of writing, sketches, keepsakes and personal style within the pages.
Ideal for writers, poets, song writers, travel thoughts, sketches, journal keepers and all those who love to keep treasures within pages of books!  
And of course - the perfect companion for sharing your story while sitting under that favourite tree, or discreetly in the back of that wonderful cafe where the coffee is as rich as the constant evolving cast of characters. 

Personalise This Journal

Title Page

The journal can be personalised with a Title Page printed with a name, a quote or both. Add a personalised title page to this journal ...>


Add initials (or a short name) to this journal with blind debossing.  Beautiful brass letters are heat stamped into the leather to create a timeless and elegant impression. Add a monogram here...

And you are supporting and enabling an Artisan Tradition to continue! 

From the Maker's Hands to Yours...

A labour of Pride & Love!

Thank You!