Paper Journal A5 Travel Journal Green Trim

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The Aussie Travel Journal - Handy A5 Size

Made from Kraft Paper Fabric - Non Leather & Vegan Friendly

The Cover can be drawn or painted on to make it uniquely yours!

The Ideal Travelling Companion!

Includes a Travel pocket for phone, momentos, tickets, keepsakes or ...

The same great qualities of my classic handcrafted journals but specially designed with a handy traveller's pocket and a Story Board Centre.

Featuring the new Story Board Centre

Stitched into the centre of the journal hides a Story Board ready to be unfolded... literally!  The beautiful Italian Drawing Paper is 190gsm and 59 cm long.  Ideal for drawing, light pen and ink, sketching, map making or merely holding your keepsakes and photos. A very handy addition to the travel journal that still maintains the ability to be flexible and squished into pockets, bags, backpacks & secret places.

The Aussie Travel Journal benefits:

  • Inside 8 cm leather side pocket to hold those small items that we need while travelling: tickets, directions etc as well as small notes & keepsakes from loved ones
  • Flexibility - the soft Kraft Paper Fabric covers tuck nicely into backpacks, bags and pockets (unlike hard cover books)
  • The hand stitched pages result in a stronger journal than glued books
  • Pages lay flat for easy writing - NO spiral bindings
  • Wrap your journal closed to prevent accidental openings
  • A Silky Wrap around cord and matching toggle
  • Featuring a Story Board Centre... a beautiful quality piece of Italian Drawing Paper concertina folded into the centre.
A5 is the ideal travelling sized journal. And being hand stitched and made from the strong yet supple Kraft Paper Fabric, it is very flexible and perfect for squishing gently into bags to take with you on your travels. Perfect to capture that sketch, thought or unforgettable moment!
Ideal for writers, poets, song writers, travel thoughts, sketches, journal keepers and all those who love to keep treasures within pages of books!  
 And of course - the perfect companion for sharing your story while sitting under your favourite tree, or discreetly in the back of that wonderful cafe where the coffee is as rich as the constant evolving cast of characters.

The Treasured Qualities of a Handcrafted Journal

Hand stitched journals have a magical quality!  Used for hundreds of years, you can feel this tradition when you hold one.

Handcrafted in the style of an earlier era, each journal is a work of art and signed by the Binder.

I make each journal in my studio in Victoria, Australia and aim to create a small work of art to be treasured for many years.  I discretely sign each journal on the last page to authenticate my work.

Personalise This Journal

Title Page

The journal can be personalised with a Title Page printed with a name, a quote or both. Add a personalised title page to this journal ...>


Add initials to this journal with blind debossing.  Beautiful brass letters are heat stamped into the Kraft Fabric Paper to create a timeless and elegant impression. Add a monogram here...

And you are supporting and enabling an Artisan Tradition to continue! 

From the Maker's Hands to Yours.

A labour of Pride & Love!

Thank You!