Leather Notebook Covers

Style a Notebook

 Beautiful Leather Covers handcrafted for your Notebook

 Refill Again and Again

Hand made in Australia from the same leathers used to create the beautiful hand stitched journals... except these Leather Notebooks can be refilled with note or sketch books readily available from stationery shops.  Create a luxury feel from even the humblest paper notebook.

Now designed to fit a range of notebooks from the Standard A4 and A5, to the Italian Moleskine and German Leuchtturm.  Use the Search function on the website to easily find these options.


When ordering the new Sleeve Style leather cover please be aware that they are made to fit specific notebook sizes quite snugly.  The notebook tucks inside the front and back pockets of the cover.  So if the journal is too large - then it will not fit.

If you're looking for a cover with more flexibility then please look at the Wrap around style as this has been designed to be more accommodating to size and thickness of the books inside. 

The Book Wrap for example, is limited only by the height of the cover.  The wrap will expand or contract to fit the journal or reading book inside.


Leather Notebook Covers Sleeve Style