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When will I receive my order?

Stocked items will be sent within a few days of ordering depending on personalisation.

Custom products are all made to order and crafted by hand so will take between 7 - 14 days to be made and sent.

If you need a custom order quickly please ring me to confirm that I can get it to you in time. And if you need your order by a certain date please write it in the comments section at the end of checkout so that I can prioritise for you.

I need my order quickly - what can I do?

I'm often being phoned by apologetic customers saying "I've just found you but need my gift tomorrow - is it possible?". Sometimes I've had items in the customers hands the next day depending on where you are. But make sure to choose express post!

You're best option is to choose something from my stocked items but if you want a custom order urgently please ring me to confirm that I can get it to you in time. And if you need any order by a certain date please write it in the comments section at the end of checkout so that I can prioritise. 

How long does personalisation take?

The longest part of the personalisation process is the Proof Approval process of the journal Title pages. If we're able to email each other promptly and finalise the Title pages, then the process is much faster. 

The first pages of the journal are actually the last pages stitched - I stitch from the last page to the first. Therefore, I am able to construct most of the journal while I await for the approval of your Title Page.

Blind debossing on the leather of course cannot be done in advance but does not take very long. The press is heated, the brass letters are set into the block and then pressed into the leather. This is all done my me in my studio.

Can I have my Logo embossed into the leather?

Yes you can.  This process requires a metal plate to be made of your artwork and then heated and pressed into the leather.  The metal plates can be used hundreds of times so are good value for money.  See more here.

Do you really make them by hand?

Yes I do!  And love it. I buy the hides, cut the leather, make the covers, hand fold the paper, stitch the books and do all the finishing touches myself.  I also create the patterns so all the designs are my own. In fact the Book Wrap is still a design I created in Bookseed's first year, that I've yet to see available elsewhere. 

My work is used in so many different situations.  From baby births to end of life celebrations and many of the great milestone moments in between.  To corporate work, film and television, Airbnb, small business and home office. I'm constantly surprised and delighted by what a day in the studio brings. 

Some highlights include:

  • a Log book for a young lone sailor on a round the world voyage
  • a journal for a father donating a kidney to his son
  • recreating a small journal similar to a grandfather's taken into war to be given to his grandson
  • the Last Post signing book for the Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance
  • desk mats for the boardroom in Canberra for our Department of Defence
  • a journal for a daughter capturing the life story of her dying father
  • and many, many more wonderful treasured items.

How Many Pages?

I'm often asked to clarify the number of pages.  Just imagine a regular book - numbers are on both sides of the pages.  Therefore, when I state 192 pages for a journal, then that is counting both sides of the paper. Starting with page 1 on the right side.  Just like a novel, or reference book.

Can I Request More Pages?

Yes.  However, depending upon the number of extra pages, there is also a cost for the extra leather to wrap around the thickness of the text block. and of course the extra paper and time required. Naturally, this varies but is not a major additional cost.  Typically, starting at $25.

Customised Orders

Yes I can make minor changes to existing products and take inquiries for bespoke items. During peak busy times I may not be able to undertake customised work but please do send through an email with your requests. There are extra charges for custom sizes as I need to create new patterns for each new size and there is more time involved in communicating and creating the order.  However, I try to keep costs down as much as possible so that it's workable for us both.