Liberty of London Fabric

The current range of Liberty fabrics available in the Bookseed Designer Collection.


Elderberry Peach

Liberty London Fabrics’ Elderberry print is an intricate symphony of tiny wildflowers, reflecting the complex microcosm of a summer’s meadow.

Peach Porter

With their round and succulent forms, peaches and pears have a sensuous appeal that delighted Art Nouveau designers. Liberty London Fabrics’ Peach Porter print is simple and classic, adorned with symmetrical globes of elegant fruit. 

Rose Xantha Pink

Rose Xanthe Liberty fabric is inspired by painting the roses red in the Queen of Heart's garden. The rose is based on Rosa Xanthia who was living in the garden when her friends were changed by hand from white to red.

' "Would you tell me please, " said Alice, a little timidly, "why you are painting those roses? " ' – Lewis Carroll