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The Leather Journal Story

Hand stitched journals have a magical quality that can you feel when you hold one.  Crafted in the style of an earlier era, I have designed these journals to treasure and share for generations.

An 'Artisan Tradition' that continues today because of your support of hand crafted products...Thank You!

The Wrap around design encases the foredge of the book protecting the edges and creating a lovely rhythm when unwrapping and rewrapping the book closed.

I hand pierce each cover along the spine ready for stitching to maintain a beautiful obvious handcrafted look to each piece.  

Soft and supple to hold, yet very strong because each page is stitched into place - stronger than glue. And each page lays flat making it easy to write or sketch.

I use beautiful archival Italian paper, light cream coloured with a silky feel that is a joy to write on.

And the pages are stitched to the covers with exquisite Aurofil thread.  An Italian company that makes beautiful threads from Egyptian cotton.

Personalised Title Page Service is very popular and allows the freedom to include a Name, Messages and Quotes.  Read more about it here...

Leather covers can also be Monogrammed with initials or a short name. I set beautiful brass letters into a block and place under a heat press in the old Letterpress tradition. See the beautiful brass leathers here...

In our digital era, I believe that it is important to preserve each of our unique voices in a tangible form.  In a journal, our handwriting and sketches can be preserved just as we created them.  And ready to be unwrapped by future generations.

Take a quick look in the studio at the some of the journal making process!




I start by selecting the finest leathers I can find.  And particularly those with character... to create a book that shows that it once lived a different story and is now handcrafted into a new vessel.


I cut each one individually and craft into a cover - attaching a lining and edge stitching with a sewing machine.  

I hand fold the papers, place in the press for an hour, and then pierce the signatures ready for stitching.




I sign each journal discreetly on the last page to authenticate my work.  Attach a wrap around leather strap and hand made toggle for closing the journal.  Then each journal is given a final hand polish so that it is ready to be presented to its new owner.

This whole process takes between 3 - 4 hours for each journal.  And all made by my hands... the labour of a book lover!